Hi, I’m Dana Svoboda, London-based Holistic Coach

Personal Coaching

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I’ve worked with hundreds of people in the last 6 years, coaching them on a variety of subjects and into their personal empowerment, success and of course, Joy! I’ve studied and practiced personal and spiritual development for most of my life.

I meet you where you are in your life and work with you over 6 to 12 sessions (fortnightly or monthly) to create more Joy in your life. With insights to bring relief, clarity and higher awareness, you will remember your greatest teacher – you. You will also receive a kit of effective, life-enhancing tools. Practical and fun tools, some of which seem “too simple” – don’t be fooled, this stuff is powerful.

“There is nothing more important than alignment with your authentic self” – Dana

Clients frequently work with me to:

– Improve personal and professional relationships

– Overcome negative patterns

–  Heal self worth issues

– Create more prosperity, joy, success

– Enhance emotional intelligence

Get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation

Skype sessions – GMT

In-person sessions – London (nearest stations: Aldgate East, Liverpool Street / Camden Town)

“My sessions have been incredibly beneficial. Not only is Dana a great listener, she also provided practical approaches to solve the issues that I was experiencing.”

“It has helped me learn that I have the power to change the way that I think and feel, which is incredible and actually life changing”

 Group Workshops / Playshops


Group sessions can include:

– Mindfulness and meditation for relaxation, focus and wellness

– Emotional intelligence training

– Open communication sessions for wholeness and better collaboration

– Power of Fun Playshops™ (various therapeutic fun activities) to foster connection and creativity

Get in touch to chat about how we can uplift the folks at your event, organization, retreat etc

“I am not normally someone who is so open about how I am feeling in daily life but felt comfortable expressing them in these sessions and it was good to also hear others speak openly about things in a safe environment. I felt both times that it brought us together more as a group which is positive.” 

CJO Yoga

Yoga Collage

Fancy doing some Yoga? Most Saturday mornings, I run a 70min Vinyasa yoga class in E1, London. click here if you would like to join. Beginners, improvers, intermediates all welcome!

 Marvellous practice in a marvellous place. ” 

I teach Yoga for various events, festivals, hackathons, retreats, organizations and more. Get in touch if you would like to have Yoga at your event. I believe Yoga is for everyone. My classes are designed to be fun and energizing for all minds and bodies. A great way to make your event even more meaningful and memorable!


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I am also fortunate to be working as Chief Joy Officer® at Makers coding boot camp where I facilitate wellbeing and offer holistic support to students and staff. I teach emotional intelligence, mindfulness/meditation, offer one to one and group coaching and yes, I’m the in-house yoga teacher as well :) It’s fast paced and exciting. I’m apart of a phenomenal team and we believe that “Everyone should have a job they LOVE”.

“Dana is one of MA’s biggest assets, and without her this course would not have had the huge positive impact on me that it has. I struggled with mental issues for many years prior to MA and have thought I’d moved on from them so many times, only to realise I hadn’t. Speaking to Dana in group sessions, and in a personal session, has helped me more than any doctor or therapist I have spoken to. I feel like I have a whole new perspective on life and on myself that actually makes sense to me.

Dana isn’t about pep-talks, or sugar-coating – she is practical and tells things as she sees them. She also has an incredible ability to see right inside a person. I find her insight very moving and powerful. MA is an intense and stressful place to be, and many of us did need that extra bit of support during our time here. I’m very thankful that MA realise this and have someone there to keep a watchful eye over us, encourage us to support each other, organise social gatherings, and just spread joy around the office.”

 “It has been invaluable having a break from the hectic routine of Makers to recenter myself in the now. All the EI lessons have given me much food for thought and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Dana talk about these topics.”

“This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and I think Dana has been a key part of that.”

Some of the companies I’ve worked with include:


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