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Meet Dana Svoboda

Welcome! I'm Dana, Czech-South African, based in London.


I coach individuals and groups: emotional intelligence, wellbeing, mindfulness meditation and yoga.

I’ve worked in the tech industry for just over a decade and have been with Makers since 2014.


As a Holistic Coach, I’ve worked with thousands of people, coaching them to improved wellbeing.


Along my own journey, I’ve moved through a variety of challenging chapters including the death of loved ones, depression, heartbreak and more. 

In everything I've encountered, I came to discover a few fundamentals of life and keys to enduring Joy - Emotional Intelligence and our relationships with ourselves (and the rest of the world).


Consciously sifting through my experiences to heal, learn and continue enjoying life has meant that I’m usually the initial subject of my own ’Test Driven Personal Development’.


I believe that life is meant to feel really good and I absolutely love helping others connect with their true Joy!

Holistic Coach/Yoga Teacher/Professional Enjoyer

What people are saying

"Dana isn’t about pep-talks, or sugar-coating – she is practical and tells things as she sees them. She also has an incredible ability to see right inside a person. I find her insight very moving and powerful."

— Private client



Clients frequently work with me to:

  • Improve personal and professional relationships

  • Overcome negative patterns

  • Heal self worth issues

  • Create more prosperity, joy, success

  • Enhance emotional intelligence

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Private Coaching

Optimise your team and everyone thrives!

Workshops, strategies and tools that build emotional intelligence skills in the workplace and beyond.

When teams have a high EQ, the overall IQ goes up.

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Emotional Intelligence Training

Your Event

Add Joy and Wellbeing to your event:

  • Speaking, coaching, mentoring

  • Wellbeing and EQ Workshops

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Yoga for all levels

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The Joyful Ones

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