Interview with Alex Scott-Tonge:

Taking Care of Yourself at Makers

“Being constantly in ‘productive’ mode is a narrow expression of our full potential. We want to bring our full selves to programming…” Read the full interview


Interview with ENHANCV:

“Chief Joy Officer, A Secret Weapon Of A Successful Business”

“Believe it or not, some companies have special staff that helps their employees feel the ‘’joy’’ at work. I had a chat with Dana Svoboda, Chief Joy Officer® at Makers Academy (a web developer Bootcamp), who helps employees feel happy at work. I must say, after talking to her for just one hour, I felt a lot happier!” 

Read the full interview

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Join me at Landing.festival:

Speaking about happiness, culture, diversity and more!

festival-ads-4 is at it again, this year with another amazing festival, bringing together the world’s finest tech pros. No suits. No business cards. Just an inspiring event with a list of rockstar speakers and career experts of which I’m proud to be a part of. Get your free ticket!

CJO YOGA Launch!

Uplifting Yoga in the heart of East London

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Beginners, improvers, intermediates all welcome. Join us for Vinyasa Yoga. An uplifting 70min flow sequence – a wonderful way to start your weekend and feel great about yourself.

Register at, see you at the next class!

Teaming up with the awesome people of Southwest Collective for Offsite Immersive 2016

Apply now for your spot!


Offsite Immersive 2016 is a week long retreat in the south of Portugal for creative professionals that want to balance work days with meaningful experiences, in the company of like minded people! It’s a place to feel energized and inspired and focus on personal or professional projects, explore ideas through collective thinking, collaboration and learning.

But it’s also a place to disconnect, reflect, laugh and celebrate life, a time to be vulnerable and playful, to make new friends and discover more about what life has to offer!

New Friends & Connections | Purposeful Conversations | New Skills | Focus & Creativity | Flash Talks & Deep Dives | Field Trips | Digital Free Experiences | Playshops & Activities

Interview with Chloë Donegan:


“Increasingly, companies are taking more notice of employee contentment. Dana is someone who is passionate about feeling good, so passionate that she created and trademarked a role that allows her to center her life around this. Her career is as modern as it gets…” Read the full interview